Scubapro dive computer GALILEO HUD head-up display

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In the look of the mask, the hands are free. There’s nothing comparable.

The new Galileo HUD is an innovative and unique
Dive computer with air integration. This brand new and
a head-up display offers technologically advanced computer
(HUD), which is attached to the mask. The Galileo HUD
provides excellent readability and data monitoring
without manual operation. With the introduction of the HUD, you have
Engineers a user experience created by SCUBAPRO.
as there has never been her diving.


The micro-OLED screen of the Galileo HUD is designed
that he attached to a diving mask in the vicinity of the eye
can be. Thanks to high-precision, near-to-eye optics, this “floating” display creates an image,
It appears in a virtual distance of approx. 1 m. This is the monitoring of your
Dive data easier, because you can keep eye contact to your environment.
The dive data are shown on the micro-OLED screen, which are protected by the housing
is and so resistance and perfect readability
offers in all lighting conditions. In contrast to the
Conventional head-up displays project Galileo HUD
and windshields-HUD technologies, the for
Vehicles are available, the data on a
transparent materials like glass, making the devices
are very fragile and easily by lighting conditions
might be affected. Therefore they are not to the
Appear suitable.
The HUD screen located just above the line of sight
the right eye of the diver. This has the right
Eye at any time an almost full sight, where
at the same time all dive data with a simple look
are available to the top.


The Galileo HUD has an intuitive print wheel with which you the HUD functions with one hand
can call up and control. Simply turn the wheel to navigate up or down in the menu
or a user setting to increase or decrease.
By briefly pressing of the wheel turn on the HUD, open the main menu, call
various submenus to select functions and save settings. By long
Pressing the wheel you right back to the previous menu or screen, edit settings
and turn off the HUD on the appropriate screen on the surface.
On-screen instructions show you which operation is required, a specific function
to invoke.


The Galileo HUD you offers a convenient, retractable articulated with the front, after a dive or
at any time, if you need access to diving data, upward and out of sight work the HUD
can. Thus, the computer looks like a military night-vision goggles. If you your data again
want to monitor you open the display back to its position.


Superior readability of the Galileo HUD, thanks to which the diver
without a new focus on the dive data and its surroundings
can focus. This is a giant in the dive computer diving
Step forward dar. The monitoring of data without manual operation is
a boon for photographers and anyone, for its underwater activities
both hands are needed such as military and security divers.
And as the divers to check the data raise not your arm or
must reach for a console, the HUD allows a more relaxed and mind-boggling position
when diving. When it is time to change the screen or adjustments to make, can be
just control the display using a single controller.


The Galileo HUD is compatible with a variety of SCUBAPRO mask (not included), E.g. with Spectra, Spectra mini zoom EVO (Special headgear), twin of synergy, synergy 2 twin Currents Pro, ECCO mask, Vibe 2,.
Futura 1 and per ear.

Features and specifications

  • Light (neutral buoyancy) and can be mounted easily on a diving mask
  • Folding mechanism for a simple folding away the unneeded Heads-Up displays
  • Intuitive menu structure and pressure wheel interface for effortless navigation through the system
  • Compatibility of the headgear with a variety of current SCUBAPRO masks
  • Full colour OLED display (96 x 64 pixels)
  • Choice of 2 algorithms: scheduling ahead multi gas algorithm Bühlmann ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG or Bühlmann ZH-L16 GF
  • The PMG algorithm offers levels of micro bubbles and contains profile dependent intermediate stops (PDIS)
  • Selectable modes of diving: SCUBA (scuba diving), gauge (depth gauge), apnea (apnoea) and CCR (closed circuit)
  • Compatible with Trimix and Nitrox, extended CCR function
  • Up to 8 selectable gases in SCUBA mode plus oxygen and Diluentgase and 2 modifiable limits for CCR diving
  • Compatible with the SCUBAPRO smart transmitters for bottle pressure monitoring without hose
  • Display the fact remaining bottom time (RBT) based on the breathing performance
  • Fully Tiltable 3D-Digitalkompass for the storage of 3 pre-programmed bearings
  • Built-in GPS function to surface navigation
  • Maximum operating depth: 120 m
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of dive time per charge in battery saver
  • 2 GB storage for up to 10,000 scuba diving lessons
  • Data download via Bluetooth or USB cable, desktop computer with Windows and Mac; In addition to Windows and Mac with Apple and Android devices compatible, use the LogTRAK.


  • HUD dive computer (without a mask!)
  • Mask holder incl. Cable tie (included for attachment to the mask – not included!)
  • without or with the transmitter (to choose in “Version”)
  • USB charging cable
  • Protection foil cord
  • In brief, quick manual (available online)

Additional information


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